This is a fanlisting for the pairing of Sengoku Kiyosumi and Ibu Shinji of Tennis no Oujisama.

This is a complete crack pairing fanlisting, the pairing originally inspired by and grown to love through the livejournal Tenipuri Yaoi RP, where I play Shinji, and Hee-chan plays Sengoku (amongst others for the both of us xD;). It started out when we were roleplaying an Oishi/Kikumaru for said rp, and I was reading a very lovely and cracky Rikkai fic by Pengie-sama <3 to which I pasted part of it that had Kirihara (or Marui, I forget now) said something about skittles and tasting the rainbow. Wound up something like this..

Shinji: I want skittles...
Sengoku: ... I'm gonna steal your skittles.
Shinji: ...but I don't have any skittles...
Sengoku: Damn. Well I'm gonna steal your uniform then. *derobes Shinji*
Shinji: *squeaks*
Sengoku: Eheheh Lucky!

*proceed with molestation and boismex*

Yes, we are that easily amused ^_^

Sengoku = Vice captain of Yamabuki Jr. High.
Shinji = Singles 2/Doubles 1 of Fudoumine Jr. High.

Layout: Fanart by Sarah Kim, aka Hee-chan/Teh Eijihood. Manipulations by me. Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Notepad. Lots of cursing. Done by me. No stealie.

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